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Hanteco Vietnam Technology and Trading Company Limited (HANTECO VIET NAM TECHNOLOGY AND TRADING COMPANY LIMITED) abbreviated as HANTECO was established on January 13, 2017 approved by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment. Since its establishment, Hanteco has affirmed its position and name in the swimming pool and sauna equipment market.

Established in 2017, Hanteco has been growing rapidly, among the TOP companies distributing and constructing swimming pool and sauna equipment in Vietnam. As of 2019, Hanteco has branches in two major cities , Hanoi and City. Ho Chi Minh and many agents nationwide. Not only domestically, Hanteco also has large agents in Laos.

- Supply, consulting, and installation of overall business swimming pool systems, villa swimming pools, hotels, family swimming pools, villas, resorts...
- Supply, consulting, installation overall system of saunas, family spas, business spas...
- Distributing, constructing, installing jacuzzi equipment, bathtubs, smart toilets...
- Distributing Chlorine chemicals - Distributing Distributing mosaic tiles nationwide...


Hanteco's customers are not only owners of hotels, resorts, resorts, households... but also large corporations such as VINGROUP, BIMGROUP, MUONG THANH, NAM CUONG, FLC GROUP, FLAMINGO, KICKFIT , NOVALAND... 

Through the experience gained during the distribution and construction process of hundreds of large and small projects across the country, it has contributed to motivating us to serve our customers better with the slogan: "Quality of projects." is the vital existence of the Company" . Therefore, Hanteco constantly improves its capacity and expertise, absorbs the most advanced knowledge and technology in the world to bring the highest technology to each project.

With the motto "Cooperation for mutual success" and the orientation of "Continuous improvement" , HANTECO has always made efforts in both human and material resources, building brand reputation and trust with customers with its products. supply company.


Good ” is a value that never has limits, there is no best, only better.hantecohayluontothon

✓ That is also the motivation and goal for Hanteco to constantly strive and act every day . Every job, every Hanteco member is continuously improved and perfected from every small detail.


✓ Hanteco clearly understands: only continuous improvement can meet the increasing needs and requirements of customers. With Hanteco, the concept of " completion " does not mean the end of the job, but we are constantly improving for better quality. That is also our promise and hope that customers will continue to use and experience our products and services.


✓ “ Always ” is the characteristic that speaks of Hanteco's movement, continuity and determination to never let go, expressed throughout everything, all departments: Better with customer service products, better quality, better working environment, better life for employees, better for shareholders, better for society...

The combination of Logo and Slogan in the brand identity shows the characteristics, professionalism and consistency in Hanteco's management and business strategy.



- Products are imported and manufactured based on Hanteco's rigorous and scientific quality control and evaluation standards.


- Hanteco always understands "selling good products - good prices, price coupled with quality" . The cost may be higher, but it will certainly be much better and more effective than selling cheap, low-value, low-quality goods, then dealing with problems that arise.

- Products are synchronous because they are produced from large factories, with modern technology, automatic and mass production lines, from big brands in the professional field.

- With a corporate culture that puts commitment, professionalism, and quality first , Hanteco always affirms to accompany customers throughout the sales process, both Before - During - After sales. We always listen to customers' comments and suggestions to constantly improve, perfect and improve the quality of products and services.

- With a team of well-trained, specialized, honest and professional personnel, Hanteco always identifies people as the most valuable asset, the main determining factor in quality and efficiency for each product. their products and works.

- A systematic and professional business management system and process will certainly provide customers with quick, quality and in-depth services.

- With many years of in-depth experience in the field of selection, as well as continuous improvement and cultivation, Hanteco always understands its work, expertise as well as customers. We always believe: "There is no best, there is only better" to bring sustainable and constantly better value to customers.

- Taking sustainable development as the orientation , Hanteco always focuses on reputation, after-sales service, quality maintenance, meeting customer needs and satisfaction.

- With constant efforts, Hanteco is always enthusiastic and devoted to the slogan: "Always be better" . This is the driving force to make each project, each product, each value we create better and more suitable for customers.



As an official agent of many leading swimming pool equipment manufacturing and distribution brands in the world, all products provided by Hanteco are 100% genuine imported from famous brands such as: Emaux (Hong Kong). Kong), Waterco (Australia), Midas (Germany), Maytronics (Australia), Sawo (Finland), Sunrans, K-Chlorine, Ruby…




Emaux swimming pool equipment

The oldest and largest Hong Kong brand is known in Asia and is widely present in the international market. With the characteristics of diversity, durability, and reasonable price.

Waterco swimming pool equipment

The brand from Australia is always the top brand in the field of swimming pools and aquariums. It is the choice of many large projects and has strict quality standards. The product has a 3-5 year warranty

Midas brand

The German brand has a strict production and output testing process, meeting European quality standards with products with beautiful, diverse designs that are sustainable over time.

Maytronics brand

A pioneering brand in the field of swimming pool cleaning with smart, modern cleaning robot products that are constantly being improved and innovated in quality and design to bring the best experience.

Sawo brand

Finnish brand, leading in the production and distribution of sauna equipment in the world. With quality, innovative and modern designs, Sawo's products all achieve ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

Sunrans brand

Always attaching importance to product research and development, the Sunrans brand is always at the forefront of the market with jacuzzi models, jacuzzi bathtubs combined with imported swimming pools, high-end saunas... All products meet quality standards. CE, RoHS, SAA, KC, ETL quality.

Brand K-Chlorine

As a new brand in the field of Chlorine chemicals, K-Chlorine is researched, developed and managed by Hanteco to create highly effective products, with a commitment of 1 for 1 exchange or 100% refund if Not the right quality

Ruby brand

The Ruby brand distributes high-end bathroom and sanitary equipment with "royal style" and extremely good quality. Ruby products are constantly being improved and innovated in quality and design to bring the best experiences.





Brand agent certificates 


In order to increase the brand value and image of the company, as well as create work inspiration for employees, HANTECO company constantly improves and innovates. working space. A beautiful office space will win sympathy and leave a deep impression on customers, partners and each employee. Uniqueness in design and professionalism in each aspect help the company convey its brand strength and core values. A good start with a comfortable spirit will make the cooperation process with customers more convenient.

Hanteco Head Office -  No. 02-BT, Lane 332 Hoang Cong Chat, Phu Dien, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi 

Video introducing the headquarters of Hanteco Vietnam company


The strength that makes the HANTECO brand different is: Specialization in each department, high responsibility of each member of the company, creating products and projects that are perfect down to the smallest detail. In addition, in order to increase professionalism and meet customers' goods needs, Hanteco is also equipped with a large warehouse system with a variety of products with a total area of ​​up to 4,000m² to ensure professionalism and safety. ..

Hanteco is proud to be a pioneer in this field in warehouses with 5S standards and guarantees. Ensuring the quality of goods, products and services, optimizing costs and loading and unloading time. We own 2 large warehouses in Hanoi and City. Ho Chi Minh:

Hanoi Warehouse:
Box 2, Lot 4, Lai Xa Industrial Cluster, Kim Chung, Hoai Duc
City Warehouse. Ho Chi Minh:
C3/24 Le Dinh Chi, Hamlet 3, Le Minh Xuan Commune, Binh Chanh District.

Part of Hanteco's large warehouse in Hanoi

Large warehouse with scientifically arranged products, ensuring goods preparation

Goods available in large quantities to fully meet large and small orders nationwide
 City warehouse. Ho Chi Minh City with an area of ​​up to 1,500  



In order to improve quality and ensure increased customer service BEFORE - DURING - AFTER purchase, Hanteco Vietnam company is also a pioneer in The field has its own
equipment testing tankandwarranty roomto promptly handle problems for customers. Always putting quality first, Hanteco is committed to bringing the best products and services to customers.

Hanteco's equipment testing tanks are designed and installed according to


Ho Chi Minh City Warehouse standards. Ho Chi Minh City Warehouse is also fully equipped with equipment testing tanks and a warranty room to support customers.


The warranty room ensures cleanliness, safety and quick processing. problem management


Thousands of swimming pool and sauna construction projects handed over by Hanteco have covered widely from South to North and received absolute satisfaction and trust from customers. Your trust and companionship over the past time is the driving force for Hanteco to develop and mature as it is today.

Video looking back at Hanteco's 5-year development journey

There are achievements Hanteco built from enthusiasm, there are goals that push Hanteco forward, we are committed to increasingly improving the quality of products and services, bringing you great experiences. the best. 


vi eng

As an essential basis for building the foundation of a business, core values ​​influence the decisions and actions of an organization. The core value of a business must be unique. It not only reflects the unique QUALITY of the business, but also helps the brand stand out and separate itself from competitors in the industry. Building a vision, mission, and core values ​​for an enterprise is a stepping stone and a thorough journey for the operation of a company or business.

Always strive for good values! We always believe that only bringing good values ​​to customers, partners, investors and society is what brings our value, development and survival. Therefore, this mission is the guiding principle in all of Hanteco's actions.

- 2025 to be a leading, reputable company in Vietnam in providing and installing overall products and services regarding: swimming pools, chlorine chemicals, jacuzzis , jacuzzi tubs, sauna rooms High-end steam and pool slide system.
- Be at the forefront and always pioneer in improving quality, service and focusing in-depth on the field of the industry.
- Accompany, build, and develop with employees, investors and the social community.

❁  CORE VALUES: Hanteco chooses 6Ts as core values ​​to build corporate culture and business development 

6T: Tinh - Speed ​​- Mind - Intellect - Trust - Tam



- Tinh: Spirit of striving, overcoming difficulties, steadfast in development orientation, doing your best in each job.

- Quintessence: always cultivate, adjust, and apply the best things to the job and field you are pursuing.

- Sophistication: All products, works, services, as well as in personnel training, management, and human resource management, aim for sophistication.

- Lean: lean, virtuous and talented staff, where each member is an excellent factor in his or her field and work.



- Hanteco takes speed and work efficiency as a guideline for development. With the principle of "quality products - fast sales - fast delivery", we are committed to quality and speed in every step. 

- To be a trend leader and catch up with opportunities, Hanteco always "decides quickly - invests quickly - deploys quickly" . Hanteco always affirms: "Scale is no longer an advantage. Speed ​​is the deciding factor.” That's why Hanteco always makes quick, accurate and decisive decisions in strategy and work execution, always changing itself to keep up with the progressive trends of the times.




As the source of success, the word TAM has great meaning:


- Putting TAM first to serve customers - This is one of the important foundations of business. Respecting the law and maintaining professional and social ethics at the highest standards is what Hanteco always reminds its employees.

- Value customers and always be customer-centered, putting customers' interests and desires first; strive to provide customers with the most perfect quality products and services; consider customer satisfaction as a measure of success.

- Not only that, Hanteco always puts HEART in recruiting, training, and dealing with employees to have a team that is German enough - talented enough and always understands the company's service mission.



- Screening input right from the recruitment stage, Hanteco always recruits teams with qualifications, experience and good attitudes. Always work based on science and technology.

- Hanteco always creates conditions, environments and encourages employees to be creative to develop themselves as well as create value and difference for the business. 

- To go a long way, movement and change are essential. “Not changing means dying”

- Regularly train and improve knowledge for members of the company, helping employees escape their protective shell and rise up for themselves.



- "Prestige and commitment" are things that Hanteco employees always take to heart, putting TRUST first, using TRUST as a weapon to compete, always protecting TRUST in business.

- Always try and do your best to provide quality products, the best service and the fastest speed.



To have a business develop in the right direction, the company's Board of Directors needs to have a profound vision, be the driving force, and be the fire for the long-term development of the business. A leader lacking vision will not be able to promote the business to have strong breakthroughs in the future.


And all members of the company must unite together and join hands to build a strong team with stature and position in the market.

The principle of transparency is thoroughly implemented by Hanteco throughout the company at all times and places and has been built into the company's corporate culture since the early days of its establishment.


Hanteco is transparent in all information to employees, customers and partners

- Transparency about products: As the "key" to affirming the value of the business, for Hanteco, transparency of information about products and origin of goods plays an important role in truly influencing the "product origin ". survival" of the company. At the same time, it affirms the brand value and increases the competitiveness of products provided by Hanteco with goods of unknown origin on the market.

- Transparency with customers: Our principle is TRANSPARENCY - STRAIGHTNESS - EFFICIENCY . Coming to Hanteco, customers will receive: clear product information, prices listed directly on the website, smooth and effective processes, policies, and services. Our ultimate goal is to bring satisfaction based on the trust that customers place in Hanteco.

- Transparency with employees: For Hanteco, each employee is an "internal customer". Therefore, Hanteco is always transparent about rights, policies, benefits and all operational information. We always value, trust and create the best environment for our employees to feel truly part of the business and are willing to give double the trust in return. That is also a great motivation to help Hanteco people work more effectively. 

With Hanteco, each employee is an internal "customer".

- Transparency with shareholders and partners: Hanteco commits to transparency in finance, strategy and all operational information to shareholders... to create trust and clarity in all activities. Ensure transparency in providing information on business, financial and corporate governance activities to shareholders.

- Transparent management apparatus: In order to improve and maintain reputation and brand in business activities, Hanteco continuously improves the management apparatus and is transparent in each information and decision.

For Hanteco, transparency deserves to be included as a principle and core value of corporate culture. We believe that the more transparent a business is, the more effectively it operates!


Human resources

vi eng

Hanteco owns a team of highly qualified and experienced staff who will design and install swimming pool and sauna equipment and advise on appropriate technology. We are always ready to advise and support. customers 24/7. Recognizing that people are invaluable assets,Hantecoputs the mission of ensuring labor safety first.


Hanteco always offers many benefits to its staff

We understand that it is necessary to invest in human resources to create internal resilience, to be strong and confident to lead all competitive trends. Not only do we stop at recruiting good staff from regular universities and colleges, we also regularly organize internal training programs and on-the-job training to provide technical skills. appropriate capabilities and guidance on applying the management system. Every year, the personnel training plan is updated in accordance with the Company's development strategy to build a team of personnel who understand the job, have strong expertise and are dedicated to the profession.



Hanteco has a team of young, enthusiastic staff who are always united for the common cause

In order to increase solidarity and create a useful playground for all employees in the company, Hanteco's Board of Directors regularly organizes extracurricular activities such as: travel, festivals, soccer tournaments, team building, singing and dancing. singing,..... These are considered important annual activities, contributing to building a professional, youthful and energetic working environment.


Collective image at the Gala night celebrating the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Hanteco Vietnam Company.




Solidarity is the source of collective strength.


vi eng

During 6 years of formation and development, Hanteco has successfully asserted its name in the swimming pool and sauna market. With bravery, commitment, breakthrough, constant creativity and improvement of collective strength, Hanteco has continuously reached higher, becoming a pioneer in this field and a trusted companion. of leading famous brands in the world such as Emaux, Waterco, Midas, Sawo...

Hanteco's development journey is full of strong steps, continuous efforts and development with the mission of bringing customers high-end swimming pool and sauna equipment at the most optimal prices. Hanteco is the first chosen name for the supply and construction of swimming pools and sauna rooms of hotels, resorts and large projects of corporations such as Vingroup, Bimgroup, FLC, Nam Cuong, Muong Thanh... .

Thousands of projects handed over by Hanteco have covered widely from South to North and received absolute satisfaction and trust from customers. The results do not lie, the trust and companionship of our customers is the clearest proof of Hanteco's efforts to create service quality over the past years.


Some typical projects:



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For a business to succeed, develop and go a long way, building culture within the business is extremely important. This is not just a problem for the business owner, but is also a cross-cultural culture that all members of the company need to agree and share. Corporate culture affects the way of thinking and action of each member of the enterprise, thereby creating a unique identity for each unit.



As a unit that always considers customers as the center of existence and development, always considers people as the most valuable asset, Hanteco constantly brings and illuminates that value with all enthusiasm, understanding and Concentrate on each job.


1. Philosophy of understanding


Hanteco always strives tirelessly, consistently and persistently with the goal of creating real value for customers as well as internal personnel. To do this, every Hanteco person:


✓ Understand the mission, vision and culture that Hanteco has set.

✓ Understand the needs, requirements, and desires of customers to update trends, improvement plans, and improve the quality of each product and service to constantly GET BETTER .

✓ Understanding of expertise and depth in each construction and production job.

✓ Understanding of behavior, corporate governance and social responsibility.

Understanding customers is the key to success

Đối với khách hàng, Hanteco luôn giữ triết lý về sự thấu hiểu, nhiệt huyết, tận tâm, luôn đặt mình vào vị trí của khách hàng để nâng cao trải nghiệm và làm nên những điều khác biệt. Từ mục tiêu đến hành động, chúng tôi luôn cải tiến sản phẩm, dịch vụ mỗi ngày, tối ưu chất lượng và thi công các công trình tốt nhất.


2. Triết lý tập trung


“Chỉ có tập trung mới mang lại những giá trị tốt đẹp và bền vững” - đó là triết lý Hanteco xuyên suốt trong quá trình hình thành và phát triển.


Hanteco luôn tập trung vào giá trị thực, giá trị bản chất, giá trị quan trọng và loại bỏ, loại trừ những thứ thừa thãi, không quan trọng, không cần thiết. Hướng tới mọi thứ trở nên đơn giản và hiệu quả một cách tối đa, thay vì lãng phí thời gian và tài nguyên vào những thứ không quan trọng, không cần thiết. 


Tập trung làm đúng, làm thật, đặt tâm vào trong từng công việc, từng mục tiêu đề ra, chắc chắn là cách giúp Hanteco bước đi vững chắc và xa hơn nữa


Với Hanteco để trở thành một doanh nghiệp “khỏe mạnh” thì việc xây dựng và truyền đạt văn hóa công ty tới mỗi thành viên là cực kỳ quan trọng. Từ thực tế hoạt động cũng như hướng đi, hướng phát triển của công ty, Hanteco đã tạo dựng Văn hóa 5C làm nòng cốt để gắn kết thành viên trong công ty, không chỉ là bản sắc riêng, văn hóa doanh nghiệp còn là năng lực cạnh tranh độc quyền của mỗi doanh nghiệp. Với định hướng “Con người làm trung tâm, văn hóa làm nền tảng” từ đó Hanteco luôn tập trung xây dựng và phát triển nguồn nhân lực.

Hanteco đã xây dựng riêng 1 quyển sổ tay văn hóa để toàn thể nhân viên hiểu được văn hóa công ty

Văn hóa 5C của Hanteco bao gồm: Chân thành - Chia sẻ - Cải tiến - Chuyên nghiệp - Cam kết


1. Chân thành: Chân thành trong từng mối quan hệ giữa các nhân viên trong công ty và giữa nhân viên với khách hàng. Một trong những yếu tố tạo nên sự khác biệt của Hanteco so với các thương hiệu khác là sự chu đáo, chân thành từ tâm và mỗi nhân viên là một “sứ giả” đem đến những sản phẩm, dịch vụ và những lợi ích thực sự tốt nhất đến với khách hàng.


2. Chia sẻ: Đây là một văn hóa tốt mà Hanteco mong muốn từng thành viên trong công ty luôn hiểu để cùng nhau học hỏi, chia sẻ kinh nghiệm và nâng cao hiểu biết về lĩnh vực công việc mình phụ trách. Để có một khối doanh nghiệp vững chắc thì ở tất cả các vị trí, các bộ phận trong công ty đều phải “khỏe”, để đạt được điều này thì việc chia sẻ là cực kỳ cần thiết. 

“Hãy chia sẻ những điều bạn CÓ
Để có được những điều bạn CHƯA CÓ.”


3. Cải tiến: Những yếu tố quyết định sự thành công của một cá nhân và một tập thể ngoài tinh thần cầu thị, cần nỗ lực học hỏi không ngừng, cải tiến tư duy đổi mới sáng tạo, dám làm, dám chịu trách nhiệm và quan trọng hơn cả là tinh thần dám đương đầu với thất bại và dũng cảm đứng lên sau vấp ngã. Việc áp dụng phương pháp cải tiến liên tục không những cải thiện năng suất của doanh nghiệp, mà còn giúp người lao động phát huy được tính chủ động, sáng tạo, tích cực hơn trong các hoạt động cải tiến, thay đổi hoàn toàn tâm lý làm việc dập khuôn, máy móc, mệnh lệnh một chiều.


Lắng nghe khách hàng, kịp thời nhận lỗi, liên tục cải tiến phương án làm để đem đến kết quả cuối cùng là sự hài lòng của khách hàng. Đây là những gì mà đội ngũ Hanteco luôn nằm lòng.


4. Chuyên nghiệp: Tác phong làm việc chuyên nghiệp là chìa khóa của thành công. Để có vị thế và chỗ đứng trên thị trường thì tác phong chuyên nghiệp là cực kỳ quan trọng, nó thể hiện ngay trong các mối quan hệ: Mối quan hệ trong nội bộ công ty, với khách hàng, mối quan hệ khác ngoài doanh nghiệp. Hanteco mang CHẤT riêng của doanh nghiệp để phục vụ khách hàng.


5. Cam kết: Với Hanteco sự chính xác và chuyên nghiệp luôn được đặt lên hàng đầu. Chúng tôi cam kết các sản phẩm và dịch vụ đưa tới khách hàng là những sản phẩm tốt nhất, với thái độ phục vụ chuyên nghiệp nhất.




Hanteco cũng đào tạo nhân viên của mình văn hóa 5S ngay từ những ngày đầu tiên, với sự ngăn nắp, gọn gàng và làm việc năng suất. Thực hiện tốt 5S sẽ giúp công ty:

- Tạo nên môi trường làm việc sạch sẽ, ngăn nắp hơn ở tất cả các bộ phận, các phòng ban, từ những công việc nhỏ nhất ngoài công trình đến việc vệ sinh khu vực văn phòng, nơi làm việc.

- Tạo thói quen, xây dựng văn hóa tốt trong môi trường làm việc, giúp các cá nhân làm quen và hòa nhập văn hóa chung của công ty.

- Tạo điều kiện nâng cao năng suất hiệu quả, cải thiện tinh thần làm việc của nhân viên công ty.

- Luôn sẵn sàng các điều kiện hỗ trợ công việc tốt nhất.

- Tạo nên niềm tự hào cho toàn thể nhân sự trong doanh nghiệp về một môi trường làm việc chất lượng và chuyên nghiệp.

- Làm tiền đề mang lại nhiều cơ hội kinh doanh cho công ty, giúp các hoạt động được thực hiện nhanh chóng và thuận tiện hơn.


- Thực hiện tốt 5S đảm bảo:

+ Giúp cải tiến năng suất.

+ Nâng cao chất lượng sản phẩm, dịch vụ

+ Giảm chi phí sản xuất, vận chuyển, lắp đặt.

+ Giao hàng đúng thời điểm.

+ Đảm bảo an toàn cho nhân viên.

+ Nâng cao tinh thần làm việc của tất cả các thành viên trong công ty.  

HANTECO corporate culture is the entire set of values ​​built throughout the process of building, forming and developing the Enterprise. These values ​​influence and determine the thinking and behavior of each individual in the business. This creates a difference for each Business. For Hanteco, to have a "strong" business , individuals must be "strong" first - strong in knowledge, experience, strong in attitude, behavior and customer service. Having a correct understanding of corporate culture will help the company's employees bond and make their best efforts to contribute to the development of the business.


vi eng

During the process of distributing swimming pool and sauna equipment and constructing projects across the country, HANTECO has achieved certain achievements. Among them, the greatest pride is the high appreciation from investors and project owners when receiving projects constructed with outstanding quality, on schedule as committed and bringing long-term benefits. financially and commercially exploitable.


Hanteco is proud to have been and will continue to accompany many large customers and prestigious partners in the coming time. HANTECO - Always be better!




Big customers accompany Hanteco Vietnam Emaux partner visits and works with Hanteco at headquarters




Mr. Ngo Van Tuan - Company Director shakes hands to cooperate with Midas brand representative.


Director of Hanteco Vietnam and Maytronics representative take commemorative photos.


The visit and working session of Waterco brand representative at the company's headquarters


. Lanchao brand representative came to visit and work at Hanteco


Sawo brand representative visited and discussed at Hanteco office



Sunrans jacuzzi manufacturing workshop with a large area producing hundreds of jacuzzi tubs every day

A tub showroom AquaSpring jacuzzi (Photo provided by NCC)

Xuong Cung Cap Go
The factory supplies imported wood for Hanteco


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Hanteco Vietnam Trading and Technology Co., Ltd. has been continuously making efforts and gradually developing more firmly in the swimming pool and sauna market. With the purpose of bringing trust in goods and services to customers, Hanteco has cooperated and officially become a premium agent of major brands: Midas, Emaux, Waterco, Sawo... in Vietnam.


Hanteco sends customers "Prestige - Professionalism - Commitment" with the word "MIND" to steadily develop, steadily move further and affirm its position in the market.


Hanteco's OFFICIAL DEALER certifications:




- European standard swimming pool equipment brand , with 45 years of experience, distributing goods in more than 100 countries.

- The elephant symbol symbolizes intelligence, strength and social skills

- Specializing in manufacturing and distributing swimming pool equipment and water park equipment.
- Midas owns a spacious office and 400m2 display space combined with a warehouse of more than 7,000m2.

Midas's latest 2023 dealer certification


- Emaux is a global manufacturer specializing in providing specialized products for swimming pools, spas, aquatic centers, water parks, aquaculture, public aquariums... with 35 years of experience.

- Headquartered in Hong Kong, Emaux has a global network with offices in Europe and China.

- Production area: 100,000 m² 

Update new Emaux dealer certification in 2023


- Waterco is a great brand with 40 years of establishment and development, providing reliable products
in designing and manufacturing filtration and disinfection improvements for the swimming pool industry. , spa, aquaculture and water filtrationin more than 40 countries around the world.
Waterco currently employs 715 people globally, including 476 employees in a 211,125m2 in Malaysia. This is where equipment is produced for Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam.

Hanteco certificate as Waterco agent in 2023


- SAWO Inc founded in 1994 - is one of the largest manufacturers of sauna machines , control equipment and sauna accessories in the world with factories located in Finland, Philippines and Hong Kong with customers goods in over 80 countries around the world.

- Commitment to genuine Finnish products being ISO Quality Management System Certified (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) and inspected before packaging.

Sawo brand dealer certificate in 2023


The Maytronics brand is an Australian brand founded in 1983. Maytronics has always been a pioneer in pool cleaning technology with automatic robots for home and swimming pools. commerce. The company is also developingthe world-famous Robot Dolphin pool cleaning robot .

With more than 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of swimming pool cleaning robots, Maytronics has produced many generations of modern cleaning robots. With continuous technological improvements, Maytronics has launched the best cleaning robot models on the market with eye-catching designs and many outstanding features.  

Hanteco is the official dealer of the Maytronics brand in 2022 - 2023



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